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Salon Trolleys

Looking for a new salon trolley? Look no further. These rolling trolleys may look simple on the outside but they’re crucial to any stylists day-to-day. Inside you’ll find a treasure trove of high-end shears and professional products. While they often blend into the background, their role is important. It makes sense then that a high-quality trolley is essential for any stylist or salon that wants to both project a professional image as well as safely house the tools and products they’ve invested in.

Step Up Your Station With Salon Trolleys

Our salon trolley selection is simply minimal. We know what you need – no-frill functionality. Our trolleys are built to move with wheels that allow them to go where you do. And they’re not just for hairstylists. These drawers can be easily converted to nail caddies, massage oil trays, or makeup storage. Whatever your business, these classic black drawers will give your space a polished, low-key vibe.

Our lockable trolley is the go-to if you’re seeking a little more safety for your expensive items. Inside you’ll be impressed to find roll-out drawers, as well as side peroxide baskets, a fold-out top, and anti-hair wheels. This setup will keep your station looking super clean, with everything neatly tucked away when the door gets closed. If you’re looking for a salon trolley that has an upgraded look, is secure, portable, and will fit seamlessly into any décor, this one’s for you.

Our open drawer trolleys keep things easy if you’re looking for a more economical option for your organisation. Easy to move around, these make a great addition to any salon station. Different sized drawers allow you to fit all of your products in one convenient place. The flat-top tray allows an easy to each spot for you to keep your most-used items. The drawers are removable for easy use and mean that you can easily take multiple products with you wherever you need them.