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Hair Clipper Supplies

We’ve got you covered with professional-level hair clipper supplies. We have models perfect for an even all-over shave but also carry clippers that are great at getting into the finer details. These cordless, battery-powered sets are essential for any stylist that wants to create precise, clean cuts. If you’re looking for a new toy to put in your toolbox, you’ve come to the right place.
Professional Hair Clipper Supplies Online
Hair clipper supplies are not all created equal. From battery life to speeds, to settings, to attachments, we’ve made sure you’re only getting the best on the market. Our models are all lightweight and quiet enough for you to be able to catch up with old clients or new ones. These trimmers make it easy for you to curve around ears and ensure an easy comfort for anyone in your chair. All sets come with multiple attachment combs and blades so that you’re able to get the perfect shape every time. Not just a one-trick pony, they can also be used to trim and shape beards for your clients that come in for a freshen up. These sets will make sure your station is full service ready.

Keep on top of your game with a cleaning brush and lubricating oil. While our hair clipper supplies are built for the long-haul, they do require a little bit of TLC. To keep your clippers in full working condition, your clippers should be oiled regularly. First, brush out any stray hairs with your cleaning brush to make sure the oil doesn’t stick them to the blade. You should oil your blades while they’re switched on, but in a downward fashion so as not to let any oil go into the mechanism. Then, wipe off any excess oil to avoid buildup. These small steps can increase the life of your clippers and make sure that you’re getting their full value. Don’t worry, you’ll receive cleaning brushes and lubricating oil included in most sets of clippers.