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Hair Straightener Suppliers

Salon World are your professional hair straightener suppliers. We provide high-tech straighteners that can be used to create a multitude of styles easily. Want to achieve smooth and poker-straight hair? Or how about curly and frizz-free styles? Look no further than our range of professional hair straighteners. We’ve got a large range of affordable options, mid-range products, and professional level styling tools. These tools will give you a glossy, touchable finish while protecting your clients colour and hair health.

Your Online Hair Straightener Suppliers

We take the job of professional hair straightener suppliers seriously. On our search for the best tools with the most advanced technology and superior styling capabilities, these models led the pack. Hair straighteners used to be clunky, bulky tools with short cords and one temperature. Beyond those obvious faults, they could also only be used to create one style, straight(ish). Now, a straightener won’t last on the market unless it’s versatile and adjustable to multiple looks.

Our models have been tested and approved by fellow stylists to ensure that they can create long lasting styles. Trust any one of them to provide superior styling and functional ease. Whatever specific features you’re looking for, you’ll find them here: instant heat up, safety sleep mode, heat resistant bags, one-touch temperature control, LED displays, swivel pivot cord, or ceramic plates.

Our straighteners are designed to be protective of the hair. When you’re applying a lot of heat while styling, it’s important to trust that the tools you’re using aren’t adding unnecessary heat or damage to your clients’ hair. With adjustable temperature dials, you can choose how much heat and what level of heat to apply based on the hair type you’re working with. If you want to apply another level of precaution, make sure to check out our heat-protecting hair styling products and thermal sprays. These will add an extra layer of protection against the heat of styling tools. Get everything you need to protect the hair you’re working on, all at Salon World.