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Hair Dryer Suppliers

Consider us your professional hair dryer suppliers. With over 90 styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the dreamy dryer you’ve been holding out for. These dryers all offer superb levels of precision and control to the stylist, allowing for a shiny, bouncy finish no matter the hair type. You’ll always get the basics like adjustable temperature and fan speeds, nozzle attachments, and dryer hooks but on these pages, you’ll also find coveted salon-grade perks like professional-length cords, ion generators, maximum wattage, and longer lifespans. Invest in any one to achieve the ultimate flickable hair every time.

Hair Dryer Suppliers

Want to give your clients a blowout that they won’t want to waste on the couch? Check out our selection of hair dryers and find the ultimate dryer technology for a wide range of prices. There truly is something for everyone. These professional-grade tools will make sure that you don’t fry or damage your clients’ hair by applying too much heat during the drying process. These dryers are gentle on hair, allowing you to continue to style the dry hair without worrying about overheating or over styling the new cut you’ve just worked to perfect.

Often hair dryer suppliers will only sell one range or brand. We’ve selected several designer hair tool brands for you to choose from so that no matter your budget or hair drying needs, you can find what you need. We know that every stylist has their favourite brand and we’ve rounded up the best in the industry so that you can browse away and find the one that suits you best. Our online selection is constantly evolving to keep up with emerging hair trends and the newest leading-edge drying technology so that you’ll never have to feel like your salon is outdated or left in the past. Look to Salon World as your hair dryer suppliers when you’re in the market for your next high-quality drying tool.



MERMADE Diffuser

$11.00 inc GST