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Professional Beauty Supply

Stock up on all of our professional beauty supply products. For salons and spas that want to offer body and facial treatments to their customers, we’ve got all of your necessary supplies to make sure that you can provide a perfect pamper session. Often, your customers won’t think about the type of wax you use on their brows or the brand of polish you paint on their toes. What they notice is the way it makes their skin, hair, or nails feel. They’ll notice how long their manicure lasts or how long it takes to spot that first pesky regrown hair. That’s why we only offer the best salon-grade professional beauty supply options at Salon World. Like our range of specialised face masks, sure to get glowing skin for them, and glowing reviews for you.

Save On Professional Beauty Supply Items

We provide a large range of professional beauty supply products for you to stock your salons with. Pick the selection that works the best for the services you offer.

Body Care: Say goodbye to dry, cracked skin with our range of body scrubs, washes, lotions, and butters. These are sure to make your skin feel silky smooth and smell fruity fresh.

Brow Products: Give those brows the moment they deserve by using our tints, powders, and pencils.

Lash Products: Creating a vamped-up look often involves a bold lash look. Choose from tints, mascaras, strip or individual lashes to dress up any lash line.

Makeup Products: If you offer makeup and beauty services then chances are you already know the brush is just as important as the paint. We have full sets of makeup brushes for those looking for something new, or individual brushes if you’re looking to fill in the gaps in your collection.

Nail Products: Venture into the trendy world of dip polishes with a full swatch of colours by Gelish.

Waxing Products: These products will help you get as close to painless as possible.

Tanning Products: Prepare for winter and bronze up without baking in the sun. These products will give you a healthy glow in any season.

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