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Get insta-worthy nails with Mitty! A nail brand that looks after your nails and the planet with cruelty-free, 100% vegan, biodegradable and recyclable products.

You can count on Mitty to deliver the newest trends and innovations when it comes to nail products and nail art. Let your imagination run wild with the endless designs their nail art products allow you to create. Get perfect shaped nails, EVERY TIME in the salon or at home with the top-selling Gel-Me extension system. Shop the highest quality tools, such as the Portable Nail Drill, loved by nail techs across the globe!

About the Brand:

Mitra, the founder of Mitty, came about the concept for the brand whilst being in hospital for an extended period due to having a kidney transplant. With lots of time to browse through Instagram, Mitra discovered nail art, and it was love at first sight. Since then, Mitra hasn’t gone a day with plain nails! After experimenting with nail art, Mitra became frustrated by the poor quality of products available. So she decided to change it. 

At Mitty, they don’t replicate. Mitty tests dozens of products, they don’t just put the brand on a brush and call it a day. Instead, they design the brush ferrule, the brush handle, the size, length, weight, and colour and even how it’s packaged. Then test, test and test again. It’s simple, Mitty Nail Art just works. 

All Mitty brush bristles are the best quality synthetic material currently available. Mitty does not support, sell, or promote Kolinsky hair.

$449.00 inc GST